Food & Wine

2012 Hardy’s Nottage Hill Chardonnay

2012 Hardy’s Nottage Hill Chardonnay

How good is an eight dollar Chardonnay? Well according to my wife the "Queen of Chardonnay", the 2012 Hardy's Nottage Hill Chardonnay was so good…


Dawson Day 2013

Dawson Day 2013

No charge for general admission, live entertainment, and fireworks display. Children’s activities, souvenirs, and concessions will be available for purchase. Please do not bring coolers to event…


Dawson County High School Basketball

  Dawson County High School Basketball by: Scoop Biggers Dawson County Basketball should be fun to watch this year.  After a great 11- 0 start the Tigers…

Outdoor Recreation

Winter is a Prime Time for Crappie Fishing

The brief Georgia winter provides a great opportunity to get excellent results for crappie fishing, and several reservoirs across the state offer rewards for anglers willing to…

Local History

The Nankipooh Enquirer “Done Throwed a Shoe”

I might have told ya'll before that Thursday was always horse shoe pitchin day at the Biggers Grocery down there in Nankipooh, and I was thinkin the…


Lanier Technical College Dawson Campus sets new enrollment record!

The Dawson Campus of Lanier Technical College sets a new enrollment record of 213 students! This Fall semester has the largest enrollment for any given academic term…