Norm’s Tasting Notes: Three Sisters Vineyards

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I will be visiting Three Sisters Vineyards and Winery this weekend, and will provide you with a full report next week I have enjoyed wines from Three Sisters in the past, and I am looking forward to sampling the current vintages.

This is and excerpt from the winery’s web page describing the winery and its history.

“Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery is a small family farm situated on a hundred and eighty acres in the heart of the Frogtown District in historic Lumpkin County, Georgia. Located eight miles northeast of the first major US gold rush, Dahlonega, the farm’s name was inspired by the property’s spectacular view of Lumpkin County’s Three Sisters Mountain. Established in 1996 and bonded in 2000, Three Sisters Vineyard is Lumpkin County’s first vineyard since prohibition and holds the distinction of being “Dahlonega’s First Family Farm Winery.”


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