2010 Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Chardonnay

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Norm’s Tasting Notes
by: Norm Bentley


“Napa Valley – where wine is bottled poetry”. A slogan from the 70′s which still rings true today. During that time Robert Mondavi was the “Napa Valley Wine King’, and the 2010 Napa Valley Chardonnay is a good representation of that heritage. The Winery quotes Robert Mondavi as saying, “wine should be restrained…should whisper, not shout.”. This Chardonnay is pleasing but not overbearing, which echos the sentiments of the old “King”.

The nose is pleasant with only nuances of melon and spring flowers, which lead into muted flavors of pear and melon, and a slight citrus breeze. There is a tangy background which suggests the skins themselves, but with very little acidity. The finish is clean and fresh with just a small kiss of the oak. All together this is a very approachable and easy to drink Chardonnay, with a light, but embracing personality.

We enjoyed this bottle of wine with salmon teriyaki and fresh asparagus and it was delightful, but I would have probably preferred a little more acidity to pair with the salmon. A better selection might be a mild poached white fish with lemon, or a selection of mild white cheeses.
Norm’s score is 87.

Score: 87
Price: $18 – $22


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