Norm’s Tasting Notes 2011 Raymond Reserve Selection Napa Valley Chardonnay

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norm bentleyWhen you live with a woman whose nickname is the “Chardonnay Queen”, and it’s her birthday dinner, you had better select a decent bottle of wine for the occasion. I chose a bottle of 2011 Raymond Napa Valley Chardonnay to go with the salmon and tuna which I cooked for her on the grill. She and I were both pleased with the choice.

The first thing to hit your senses when you open the Raymond is the scent of honeysuckle mixed with ripe pear. The flavors combine the taste of pear with melon and tropical fruit, and a mild citrus breeze in the finish. This is a big fruit Chardonnay with lots of character, as it sails on into the night with a lingering vanilla oak signature highlighting its French oak aging. The alcohol content is high for a Chardonnay at 14.5%, but has no hot aftertaste.

This 100% Chardonnay was just right for salmon and tuna basted with butter and garlic, and grilled to perfection. The Raymond would be great with almost any seafood or fowl meal, and was an excellent companion for the “Chardonnay Queen’s” birthday dinner!

Score: 90

Price: $16 – $20



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