Norm;s Tasting Notes: Cline Zinfandel

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2010 Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel
by: Norm Bentley 


I like Zinfandel, and I especially like old vine Zinfandel.  The 2010 Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel has all of the qualities I enjoy in this almost native California grape, which originally hailed from Italy.  A lot of these old vines were planted in the late 1800′s by Italian Immigrants who brought vines from the old country with them.  The old gnarly and twisted vines produce an intense juice which builds a powerful statement which is more than just Dago Red.
The Cline opens with heady aromas of black raspberry and blackberry, which float above the glass.  The flavors remain true to the scent with the addition of cherry and a little vanilla which explode into a jammy taste sensation.  The finish is solid, and the fruit lingers with a soft presence which belies the 15% alcohol, which is neither hot nor harsh.
I always enjoy Zinfandel with spaghetti, but it is an excellent companion for anything from burgers to barbecue.  If you can get venison, this wine is perfect for a winter-time bowl of hearty venison stew!  Norm’s score is 88.
Score: 88
Price: $12 – $16
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