Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care

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Jody Cooley

Based on the summary I have seen, I think the decisionis a positive result for the American People and here’s why. All of us shouldbe glad that the issues surrounding such an important issue – health care forAmericans – can and will continue to be debated by elected members of Congressand not determined by an un-elected court.

The Health Care bill contains some provisions that arevery important to American families – guaranteed insurability, removal ofannual or life-time caps, expanded coverage opportunities for young adults, andincentives for prevention. And the theory that uninsured people should buyinsurance, so that their cost is not borne by the folks that have insurance, isa very good idea.

Having said that, we need to work hard on the bill tomake sure it is less burdensome to businesses, individuals, and providers. There will certainly be some significant short-term pain, but we should neveravoid short-term pain at the expense of long-term gain as we tackle thisdifficult problem.

JODY COOLEY, is a Candidate for 9th District U.S.Congressional Seat.

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One Response to Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care

  1. Bill Evelyn

    July 1, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Well Jody I would expect a Democrat to state such nonsense. The moment Obamacare is put into place Georgia will be insolvent, the citizens of Georgia will be insolvent which means you.

    The average working man that is getting insurance through his employer pays ~$4,000 per year for his family, but the employer is picking up the other $20,000. That employer can make a decision whether to pay $20,000 or the $2,400 penalty.

    When they drop the employee and that family man goes to the exchanges to purchase a plan, it’ll now cost him $24,000 per year. If he can’t afford it he will be subsidized by others or shoved into Medicaid. Either way someone else will be paying for him.

    I don’t think anyone in the 9th District is dumb enough to vote for someone like you.