The Nankipooh Enquirer “Done Throwed a Shoe”

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I might have told ya’ll before that Thursday was always horse shoe pitchin day at the Biggers Grocery down there in Nankipooh, and I was thinkin the other day about one Thursday when the County Commissioner showed up to pitch with us.  Now we was all a little surprised since it wasn’t even election time, so we weren’t used to seein him when he wasn’t politicin.  Usually he’d show up a few weeks before the election to pitch, or if it was rainin, to play some checkers, and make sure he could count on the Nankipooh vote.

This Thursday he was as happy as a pig in slop, and he soon let us know why.  “I done throwed a shoe with the Governor the other day, he says, and I thought I’d come over here today to show you boys a couple of things that I learned from him.”  Well now we knew why he was here, he had just dropped by Nankipooh to brag a little.  Of course we all knew the Governor too, since whenever he came down to Columbus from Atlanta, the train would always let him off in Nankipooh.

You see the way it worked was that the Governor would get off the train at Nankipooh where they had a wagon and a team of mules waitin for him.  He would drive the wagon the last five miles down to Columbus, and all of the folks along the way would think he had driven that wagon and them mules all the way down from Atlanta, him bein a common workin man and all.

It made quite a sight too, with him in his overalls and bright red suspendors, and a few drops of sweat drippin off his brow.  You see folks, the Governor, and my Grandpa Biggers, both knew that when it comes to politics, it aint what it is, its what people thinks it is.  Come to think of it, we had a President a few years back that said just about the same thing.  I believe he put it like this; “it depends on what your definition of “is”, is.”

Now I’m going to tell you the plain truth, when it comes to politics, and some others things as well, things ain’t always what they seem to be, so you had better keep your eyes open, and only trust them part of the time.  Course, you can always trust Old Bascomb, I ain’t never lied to you, except for maybe right now.

“Now, that’s the way I see it, and you can tell-em I said so!”"
Bascomb Biggers

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