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“Just Wondering”
By: Scoop Biggers

I have been hearing quite a bit in the news lately about this 47% of the population not paying any taxes. Now it is not my intention to make any kind of statement regarding values or responsibility, or even right or wrong, but I do have a question about the math. I have also heard that 3% of the population pays about 35% of the taxes, so does that mean that the other 50% of the population is paying 65% of the taxes in our country? Again math is not my best subject, and I do believe that “figures lie, and liars figure”, but if these numbers are even close to the truth, then that means that the 50% who are paying 65% of all the taxes, better have 65% of the money, or we are in big trouble. I am sure that the 3% have more than 35% of the money, so I am not sure how the math works on that either.

I believe that we could all agree that evryone who has a stake in this country ought to pay at least a little bit of the bill, so I think that this just points to how badly we need tax reform in this country. I believe that fair is fair, and that everyone should have to help out to make things as equal as possible, but life is not about equal. Life is about some having more ability or even more luck than others, and therefore reaping more rewards than others. A few hundred years ago, we had an experiment in America where the wealth was distributed equally and each received according to their needs, and each contributed according to their ability. Well it was called Jamestown, and it failed miserably. Speculation was that there are always some folks who will not work if they don’t have to, and some who will work even harder when you take things away from them. However, the work of a few can support only some, but not all.

So what percent of the population do you fall into? I think I am in the 50% who pay at least 65% of the bill, and I know that those of us in that category do not possess 65% of the wealth. So my last question is, “how long before things really break down?”

“Just my opinion”
Scoop Biggers
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