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Well The Skunks and the Polecats have finished with their debatin, and I have to say that there was enough hot air durin these last few weeks to have blown Old Faithful sky high, and then some. We are down to the last few weeks before one of the most important elections this country has ever seen, and if you still can’t make up your mind as to which way you want your money spent, then you can write in old Bascomb’s name and cast your vote for common sense. The good Lord knows we need some right about now.

Just remember one thing about politicians, they all lie, and when they talk to you, they just say what they think you want to hear. Just once I’d like to hear one of those rascals say what they really mean, no matter what some special group might not like. Course, they can’t do that since they want everybody’s vote, includin the ones they don’t like. Shoot, you can’t even find a professional politician who can even give an answer to a question he is asked. Instead they give out some rehearsed spiel that one of their buddies told them to say, no matter what the question is.

Well old Bascomb is goin to tell you the truth, even if it ain’t what you want to hear, Our country is in a big mess, and there ain’t no easy way out of it. To get clear, we have all got to bite the bullet, and that means you, not just your neighbor. And the truth is, we are runnin out of time, and we better get started.

Now the one thing we all got to learn to get through hard times, is that you can’t buy things that you ain’t got no money for. If you are in debt, you can’t borrow your way out of debt, just like you can’t dig yourself out of a hole! That goes for folks in Nankipooh as well as the Skunks and Polecats up in DC!

Well that about sums up what old Bascomb is all about. I stand for honesty and small government. I also believe in people takin care of themselves, and not expectin somebody else to look out for them. I believe in America and Americans, not slash something else Americans. I believe Americans can lick anybody on this earth, and I believe we can lick the problems set in front of us right now, but we ain’t gonna do it if we don’t pull together, and we ain’t gonna do it by sendin more money to DC.

Oh, there is one more thing old Bascomb stands for, and that’s makin Fried Catfish the National Dinner.

“Now that’s the way I see it , and you can tell-em I said so.”
Bascomb Biggers

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PLATFORM PLANK #9-Make Fried Catfish the National Dinner

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