The Nankipooh Enquirer: “The Hog Pen”

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“The Hog Pen”

By: Bascimb Biggers

Me and my old Cajun fishin buddy, Beaudreaux was sittin on the fence down by his hog pen the other day, right after he had got done sloppin the hogs.  We was watchin those pigs rootin around in the mud for food and fightin with each other every now and then, when I says to Beaudreaux, “You ever notice how much like pigs, people are?”  Take for instance how the Skunks and Polecats are always fightin with each other, and slingin mud at one another up there in DC.  The big fight they been havin lately, over how much taxes they can get from us. and how to cut their spendin at the same time, so as not to put the country into bamkruptcy, has been quite a sight to see. 


About then Beaudreaux said, “Yeah it reminds me of one day last year when my cousin Jarold and I was sittin here on the fence, and Jarold was eatin an apple when he dropped it into the pen.  Well Jarold jumps down into the hog pen after that apple and a big old sow went for the apple about the same time, so Jarold wrastled her for the apple.  Well he finaly come out on top with the apple, but he was covered in mud.  I looked at Jarold and said to him, “You know Jarold, when someone gets down in the mud and wrastles with a pig, nobody enjoys it but the pig.”  So I guess all them old boys up there in DC must all be mighty happy all the time!”

“Now, that’s the way I see it, and you can tell-em I said so!”"
Bascomb Biggers
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